Ruth Langwieser

Kermikerin Céramiste Ceramist

zu meiner Person / personal Information

 I studied Ceramics  at the Geneva School for Applied Arts, a four years full time program with Training in Art, Potter’s techniques and research of glazes. I have supplementary training in Adult Education and Art Therapy. 

From 1997 – 2015, I produced dishes with an individual note, and taught Clay work-techniques in Ceramicstudios of several swiss institutions for Adults with special needs

In 2007, I started my own studio. I show and sell my work in Expositions and markets.

I teach wheelthrowing-technique at the Estevan Potter’s club since June 2019.

In October 2019, I was invited for a Mini – Residency at the Estevan art Gallery


Artist's statement 

My work reflects my personal themes. 

The shapes are influenced by the texture of the clay I choose to work with, like different types of Porcelain and Stonewere. 

 I include light or other natural materials like Wooden Elements. Sometimes, it seems to me that the beasts had chosen me to make them appear. Then, we have to tame eachother. Therefore, I place them into different environments. An important process for me is observing  how a shape changes it‘s appearance when the light and the surrounding space is shifted.



Estevan Public Library
1995 Galerie des Grottes, Geneva
1994 artistic display Window Trainstation of Basel 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Estevan Art Gallery and Museum 
2019 Estevan Arts Council Adjudiction Arts show 
2017 "Kunst im Tal" Steigwiessaal, Rorbas 
2014 Maison de Quartier Petit Saconnex, Geneva 
2007-2013 Atelier Annemarie Würgler Ceramic Artist, 
shared space, with regular Exhibitions, Tschugg