Ruth Langwieser

Kermikerin Céramiste Ceramist


I am a Swiss - Canadian ceramist, My work mainly reflects personal themes of my daily life. My work is  influenced by the texture of the clay I choose to work with, like different types of Porcelain and Stoneware

 I include light or other natural materials like Wooden Elements. Sometimes, it seems to me that the beasts had chosen me to make them appear. Then, we have to tame eachother. Therefore, I place them into different environments. An important process for me is observing  how a shape changes it‘s appearance when the light and the surrounding space is shifted.

I recently startd to experiment with Porcelain Paper Clay. I particularly like the translucence of this material. During my residency at the Estevan Art Gallery, I started to incorporate recycled plastic elements which opens a new artistic field.