Ruth Langwieser

Ceramist  Céramiste 

I studied Ceramics  at the Ecole des Arts Appliqués in Geneva, Switzerland. 

In May 2019, I moved to Estevan, Saskatchewan

June 2021                one year residency at the Estevan Art Gallery, supported by SaskArts

August 2020             construction of a Raku - Kiln, supported by a micro -  grant from SaskArts

October 2019           mini – Residency at the Estevan art Gallery and Museum, supported by SaskArts



2022/23                   "Winterscreen" Installation, Woodlawn Park, Estevan Festival of Lights,

                                 Estevan Art Gallery and Museum                                                 

2021                        "Can you hear the water", Inside Out, Estevan Woodlawn Park, 

                                 Estevan Art Gallery and Museum

2019                         Estevan Public Library


Selected Group Exhibitions 

2022                        "Mania Plastica", installation Estevan Art Gallery and Museum

2019                        Estevan Arts Council, Adjudicted Arts show 

2017                        "Kunst im Tal" Steigwiessaal, Rorbas, Switzerland 

2014                        Maison de Quartier Petit Saconnex, Geneva Switzerland 

2007-2013               Open studio shows, Studio Annemarie Würgler, Tschugg

Community projects

2021/2022                "Lucy's Wintercoat", installation, Estevan Festival of lights 

                                  Estevan Art Gallery and Museum